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The Wonder of Serendipity

See this bag? See how it looks kind of like a forest or some recognizable forms of nature?

I didn't plan that. I happily came across these markings and saw something in them and made the most of what I saw. I positioned the edges and where to cut to have this bag reflect a natural reference. I saw the potential within a larger piece of marked up fabric for this section to be dynamic on its own. 

But it took some confidence, a little bit of squinting to what it might look like cut out from the main fabric, and a bit of risk-taking and gut instinct to go ahead and...cut.

And it worked! (At least I think so.) This bag has a real look, a completeness to it that it wouldn't have otherwise if I hadn't seen what I saw and took action to make it work.

Is this a lesson? You bet. And why not? Why can't a simple, almost nothing thing be a life lesson in openness and self-trust? It can!

So squint a little, see something in a moment that may lead to something more special and trust in it and trust your gut. And take joy in the wonder of serendipity.


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